Best Dental Tips For Thanksgiving

best dental tips for thanksgiving

Best Dental Tips For Thanksgiving 2021

With all of the pumpkin pie, candied yams, stuffing, and cranberry sauce to eat on Thanksgiving, it’s crucial to maximize your dental health. Many of the sugary meals and candies we consume during the holidays are high in decay-causing sugar, which erodes our tooth enamel.

While you don’t have to avoid all of the sugary Thanksgiving delights, it’s a good idea to practice proper dental hygiene before and after all of the festivities. As follows, brushing, flossing, and seeing your Bethlehem GA dentist for an examination and cleaning will prevent tooth decay and leave you with a happy, healthy smile.  These guidelines to safeguard your dental health this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we pause to reflect on everything that we are grateful for. We are extremely grateful for our good health. Thanksgiving is also a great opportunity to indulge in a variety of delectable goodies! Below, our Bethlehem GA dentist shares a few Thanksgiving dental guidelines to help you keep healthy while enjoying indulging in your favorite treats this holiday season.

Drink Plenty of Water

Not only is water excellent for you in general, but drinking water before meals helps you eat less and avoid overeating. Thus, our Loganville dental clinic asks you to stay hydrated to promote healthy saliva flow. This helps to wash away food from the teeth and reduces plaque buildup.

Please Do Not Use Your Teeth To Open Anything!

Please, please, please do not use your teeth to open anything! Our dentist in Bethlehem GA understand that the holidays may be stressful at times, especially with in-laws looking over your shoulder, but don’t rush! To open goods, use a bottle opener or a nut cracker.

Keep Brushing and Flossing

You’ll most likely be eating more meals on Thanksgiving, including a lot of sweet foods. Thanksgiving is a long day, so you’re certain to have some plaque buildup. Our friends at High Desert Dental, Grand Junction CO dentist, advise that you make sure you floss and clean your teeth thoroughly before going to bed!

Schedule a Post-Holiday Teeth Cleaning

Because the holidays are a hectic time, make an appointment now for after the holidays so you can enter 2022 with great dental health! Contact our team today to schedule a teeth cleaning in Bethlehem GA

Benefits of a Modern Dentist

dentist 30620 benefits of a modern dentistry

The Many Benefits of a Modern Dentist

Going to the dentist today is a very different experience than it was before. With new, state-of-the-art technology available to many practices, there are so many upgrades modern dentists have implemented in their practices. Additionally, modern dentistry has evolved for the better in terms of patient comfort, safety, and ultimate results. However, what are the benefits of a modern dentist? Our dentist 30620 explains below. 

High-Tech Dentistry

Importantly, taking advantage of contemporary dentistry means less is more. It’s important to note that from enhanced methods and high-tech diagnostics to better technology, there is more accurate equipment. As follows, the objective of providing greater convenience to patients has been aided by cutting-edge dental technologies. Then, this can simplify your appointment. Additionally, our practice utilizes soft-tissue lasers for gum disease treatment, as well as contemporary 3D imaging for same-day crowns. As a result, this will dramatically shorten your time at our Loganville dentist office.

Recovery Time is Reduced

Another “cut back” that contemporary dentistry generously gives is healing time. Many operations, like root canals, dental implants, and smile makeovers, can be performed in a less intrusive manner. As a result, there is smoother and faster patient recovery. Our friends over at Park Hill Family Dentistry, dental implants Lexington KY specialist, say that this is their favorite aspect of modern dentistry since it generously reduces recovery time for implant patients.

A Safer Experience

The chance of failure in many dental treatments is significantly decreased. However, with more accurate diagnostic tools and more precise equipment, it is nearly impossible. Furthermore, low-radiation digital imaging and other sophisticated technologies have made dentistry much safer. 

Less Intrusive

Lastly, dentists can now repair your teeth with minimal loss of good tooth structure, from dental fillings to crowns. As follows, addressing your smile’s requirements with today’s cutting-edge dental technology may be a genuinely relaxing, convenient, and gratifying experience. Additionally, we can get dental fillings and crowns done quickly, efficiently, and smoothly at our modern practice. 

Schedule Your Dental Appointment Today

Many of the reasons that patients postpone coming to the dentist have been eliminated by modern dentistry. Regardless of whether they fear discomfort, a busy schedule, or related dangers. Thus, Gentle Dental Group is delighted to use cutting-edge dental technology for general, aesthetic, and restorative procedures. Contact our gentle, compassionate dental team today. 

Signs of a Dead Tooth

signs of a dead tooth

What are the signs of a dead tooth? 

Teeth are composed of both hard and soft tissues. Your teeth may not appear to be living things, but they are. Because of decay or injury, the nerves in the pulp of your teeth might get destroyed and cease supplying blood to the tooth. The lack of blood produces an infection, which kills the nerves. Today on the blog, Dr. Hoang, a dentist near Bethlehem GA, discusses the signs of a dead tooth and what to do if you have one.

What is a dead tooth? 

A dead tooth is one that has no blood supply. For some people, discoloration might be a symptom of a dying tooth. It is also possible to have minor tooth or gum discomfort as a result of this. Below, our Loganville dental office details the symptoms.

Symptoms of a Dead Tooth

If your teeth are in good condition, the color of your teeth should be whiteish color. The hue, however, might vary based on what you eat and drink, as well as how well you care for your teeth. For example, our dentist 30620  if you drink coffee, tea, wine, or other staining beverages on a daily basis, the color of your teeth will be off-white or light yellow.

If you have a dying tooth, its color will be different from the rest of your teeth. The dying tooth may be bruised in yellow, light brown, gray, or even black. Furthermore, the discoloration may intensify with time.

Pain is another potential symptom. Some people might not feel any discomfort, while others may suffer mild to severe pain. Our friend Dr. Ben Kacos, emergency dentist Shreveport LA, explains that the withering nerve produced by infection is sometimes the primary source of pain. We see that here with our patients, and it’s important to note that other symptoms of infection include poor breath, a terrible taste in the mouth, and swelling around the gum line.


It is critical to treat the dead tooth as soon as possible following diagnosis. Because if you leave it untreated, the germs from the dead tooth might spread and cause more tooth loss. As a therapy, your dentist may advise you to have a root canal or pull the tooth entirely. 

As a 24 hour emergency dentist Bethlehem, we advise that you contact us right away if you have symptoms of a dead tooth. 

Contact Gentle Dental Group Today

If you are suffering indications of infection or have had a tooth damaged or knocked out, please contact us immediately. Teeth that have been chipped, damaged, knocked out, or dead, just cannot wait. We are here to help you. Please act quickly! Contact Gentle Dental Group today. 

Restoring Old Dental Work

Restoring Old Dental Work Bethlehem GA

Restoring Old Dental Work in 2021

Have you gotten a cavity filled or a dental crown many years ago? As many of us know, biting and chewing puts pressure on our teeth, which can cause them to deteriorate over time. Additionally, previous restorative dental work can be harmed as a result of wear and tear. As follows, it is possible that you’ll need to replace an older dental filling or crown in the near future. Today on the blog, our Bethlehem family dentistry explains how we go about restoring old dental work.

The Signs You May Need to Restore

If you are feeling discomfort or are having difficulty biting and chewing with a restored tooth, a replacement may be required. After all, the aim of your restoration is to make sure that an infected tooth is sufficiently supported and safe to perform basic dental functions. Thanks to advancements in medicine, you can now get a replacement filling or crown that looks completely like your natural teeth. These tooth-colored options are available all over the US. Our friends over at New Providence Dentistry, Dentist New Providence NJ, offers tooth-colored restoration options to their patients as well. 

Normal wear and tear may have an effect on crowns and fillings.

Over time, normal dental functions will wear down a restoration. Of course, if you chew on rough surfaces excessively or ignore teeth grinding habits, wear and tear may be more apparent.

If you’re worried about the condition of a crown or filling, please let our dentist in Bethlehem, GA know so we can replace it. Keep in mind that if your tooth loses its ability to heal itself, it may become extremely brittle. Your  Bethlehem GA dentist will use advanced, new materials to create dental fillings and crowns that fit in perfectly with your smile. In fact, replacing an old restoration with a new one will make you look better overall.

Make the Most of Single-Visit Dental Crowns

Advances in treatment can also mean providing care in less time. Because of the devices used by your dentist, your crown can be completed in just one visit. That means you won’t have to wait for a dental lab to create your new crown because you’ll have all of the assistance you need for your tooth after only one visit.

Gentle Dental Group Will Repair Old Dental Work

At Gentle Dental Group, it is our priority to provide excellent restorative dental care to restore an old restoration or to address a new oral health problem. To schedule an appointment, please contact our team today. We would love to help your teeth feel better and restore your old dental work!

Benefits of Virtual Consultations

Benefits of Virtual Consultations

Virtual Consultations

Between work and family commitments, it can feel like we’re all constantly on the go.  Thus, this can often leave little time for taking care of our medical and dental health. At our dentist office in Bethlehem GA, we offer virtual consultations. These  make the lives of our patients just that much easier. Whether you’re looking for a dentist near Bethlehem GA who can address your cosmetic needs or you’re in need of a 24 hour emergency dentist, Bethlehem patients will find that there are a number of benefits to a virtual consultation.

The Benefits of Virtual Consultations with Your Dentist

The COVID-19 virus has had an impact on nearly every aspect of our lives, including getting the medical and dental treatment that we need. As your Bethlehem dentist, we offer virtual dental consultations. Virtual consultations are a safe and convenient way to tap into the knowledge and expertise of your dentist, without needing you to leave your home. Additionally, virtual dental consultations allow us to remain in contact with our patients, and to continue ensuring that oral health remains a priority.


You’ll get easy access to your dentist in Bethlehem GA, without leaving home or taking time away from work. You’ll reduce your wait time significantly and be able minimize your risk for exposure to any type of illness.


Whether you visit our family dentistry in Bethlehem GA in person or take advantage of a virtual consultation, you’ll receive the same professional guidance on the treatment options that will best meet your dental wellness needs.


Your virtual consultation will also allow your dentist to assess whether you need to see an emergency dentist Bethlehem. 

What to Expect From a Virtual Consultation

It might be a new way to get the dental care that you need, but a virtual consultation is quite simple. Our friend, Dr. Ben Kacos, the best dentist in Shreveport, LA, recently started offering virtual consultations as well. He explains that this simple, technological way to see patients is easy and effective.  Simply fill out the registration form and share your concerns. Be sure you share as much detail as is possible, so that your dentist knows the best direction for your treatment.

Do you have a toothache? Do your gums bleed when you brush them? Be as detailed as you can be, so that the advice given can be as personalized as is possible. As follows, if possible, upload images of your teeth so that your dentist can identify the areas of concern.

Afterwards, you’ll soon receive the recommendation and report from our dentist. It’s that easy to get the dental care that you need.

If it’s determined that your oral health concerns require an in-person visit, your dentist will recommend this course of treatment. At our Bethlehem dentistry, patients will find that we will only offer the treatments that will meet your oral wellness needs.

Set Up a Virtual Consultation Today

If you have concerns about your teeth or gums, or you’ve been putting off seeking help because you have anxiety about the dentist, a virtual consultation with our dentist 30620 patients will find can be the best solution. Offering the best in Bethlehem dental care, we focus on the gentle family dentistry Bethlehem patients can rely on.