How Dental Crowns Work

How Dental Crowns Work

How Dental Crowns in Bethlehem GA Work

A dental crown is an increasingly popular cosmetic and restorative dentistry option. They resemble a tooth-shaped hollow “cap” that is placed over a prepared natural tooth. Crowns cover the visible part of the tooth that is at and above the gum line when cemented in place. Today on the blog, our Bethelehm GA Dentist, Dr. Hoang, explains how dental crowns work.

What is the purpose of a dental crown?

Additionally, Dr. Hoang, the best dentist in Bethlehem GA, shares that a crown’s primary role is to restore a tooth’s strength, functionality, form, and size, as well as to improve its appearance.

We connected with our friends at High Desert Dental, Grand Junction Co dentist, to discuss the situations that may require someone to get a crown. The following situations may necessitate the use of a crown:

  • First, a crown may be needed to keep a tooth that has become weakened (for example, due to decay) or broken from breaking by holding it together.
  • Another reason would be a crown needs to replace a tooth filling that is old, damaged, or deteriorating.
  • Additionally, a crown can be used to put a fractured tooth back together again.
  • Also, teeth that have been worn down need to be lengthened (for example from grinding) may need a crown.
  • Next, a crown is used If there isn’t much natural tooth structure left, to cover and support a tooth with a big filling.
  • Additionally, crowns can be used for cosmetic reasons. For example, crowns can be used to fill gaps between them or reshape or rotate them.
  • If you have to get a dental implant, you may need a crown to hold it in.
  • Additionally, any tooth that has had root canal therapy should be given a crown to restore its strength. As follows, a crown will not only improve the tooth’s appearance, but it will also safeguard it from additional wear and deterioration.

Of course, it is always a good idea to discuss tooth replacement options with your dentist in Bethlehem GA, such as an implant and crown.

What is the purpose of a temporary crown?

Whether or not you require a temporary crown is determined on the type of permanent crown you will receive.

A temporary crown is required if you have any other form of crown manufactured in a dental laboratory. Because the tooth must first be prepared (ground down) and fashioned to fit the crown, as well as imprints collected and sent to the dental laboratory. Then, while your permanent restoration is being created, you will have to wait for it to be cemented. During the waiting period, a temporary dental crown protects the tooth and gums, allows for continuing chewing function, and offers an attractive appearance.

Temporary crowns can be manufactured in the Bethlehem GA dentist office or in a dental laboratory ahead of time. Stainless steel or acrylic resin are the most common materials used (which is a metal free alternative that is matched to the natural teeth color). Most patients nowadays prefer resin since it is more cosmetically pleasant. Temporary stainless steel crowns are a wonderful choice for back teeth that are hidden.

The temporary crown is attached to the prepared tooth using a temporary cement glue. This is a particular substance that forms a weak bond, allowing the temporary crown to be readily removed once your permanent crown comes.

What is the process of getting a dental crown?

Dental crown processes will differ based on your specific situation, but we’ll give you a broad idea of what to expect.

Dr. Hoang will undertake an initial evaluation of your tooth and general mouth. This may involve x-rays, before beginning any crown preparation work. If the tooth has considerable decay or there is a risk of infection, a root canal treatment may be required first. Alternatively, there may be insufficient natural tooth structure to properly hold the crown in place. Thus, necessitating the use of a core or a post-and-core operation first (you can read more about this procedure above). If either of these treatments is necessary, you will be provided a treatment plan and scheduled appropriately. However, if everything is found to be in good working order, the appointment will go on as planned. Whether your crown is produced at your dentist’s office or in a dental laboratory, the method is different:

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Denture Care Tips

denture care tips

Denture Care Tips

Dentures, like natural teeth, require regular maintenance. While these dental gadgets are extremely durable, they are also prone to harm. Today on the blog, our dentist 30620 is discussing denture care tips. As follows, if you have dentures, it’s essential to understand the below tips to help them last for years to come!

1. Do not submerge your dentures in hot water.

To start, our Loganville dentist office explains that dentures should not be placed in water that is hotter than room temperature. Water at a very high temperature may cause your dentures to distort, become deformed, and possibly necessitate replacement.

2. Maintain the Moistness of Your Dentures

Also, Dr. Hoang, the best dentist in Bethlehem Ga, advises that it is critical to keep dentures wet. If you don’t keep your dentures moist, they’ll dry out. Dentures that are not kept moist lose their form. As a result, it is critical to soak your dentures every night. Soak your dentures in water or a denture cleaner. During a visit, ask us for additional information about this process.

3. Take Care of the Denture Seal

Connect your dentures to your gums using the proper adhesive. Small pieces of food will stay in gaps and cause foul breath if a tight seal is not formed. Keep in mind that wearing dentures has the potential to decrease saliva production in your mouth.

Saliva is required for the moisture that maintains your breath feeling fresh. You may increase your saliva’s natural cleaning capacity by choosing the proper glue. Furthermore, certain denture adhesives have antibacterial properties that improve breath quality.

4. Visit Your Bethlehem GA Dentist

Regular check-ups are required to verify that your dentures are in good working order. The dentures, as well as your oral tissues, will be examined by the dentist. The regions around your gums, in particular, are crucial. Denture wearers are at a disproportionately greater risk of developing gum disease.  Aside from screening for gum disease, the dentist will also look for symptoms of oral cancer.

5. Use a Soft Brush to Clean Your Dentures

Our friends over at High Desert Dental, dentist Grand Junction CO, explain that a soft brush is one of the most essential things you can use to take care of your dentures. When cleaning your dentures, avoid using a toothbrush with rough bristles. Brush the dentures carefully with a toothbrush with soft bristles to remove germs, food particles, and other junk.

6. Always Rinse After Eating

Following meal ingestion, rinse your dentures with warm water. Make sure there is adequate water flowing over your dentures to wipe away any food particles. If food lingers in your dentures, it will degrade and cause your breath to stink.

7. Use Caution When Applying Denture Adhesives

Denture adhesives, as previously stated, provide a strong grip that acts as a barrier between the gums and the pressure of the dentures. Lower dentures necessitate the use of such adhesives. You’ll be tempted to use a lot of glue in the hopes of keeping a firm hold. Excess denture glue, on the other hand, will not enhance the fit. If you are concerned about the fit of your dentures, please contact our dentist.

Celebrate Gum Care Month

Celebrate gum care month

Celebrate Gum Care Month

Today we are happy to Celebrate National Gum Care Month! Our team at Gentle Dental Group wants to do our bit to teach our patients more about gum disease. Dr. Hoang, the best dentist in Bethlehem GA, says it’s extremely important for everyone to know how to battle gum disease and improve their dental health!

Why Celebrate Gum Care Month

The goal of National Gum Care Month is to draw attention to the very real problem of gum disease. Additionally, it is to promote awareness of methods to help you take better care of your gums. 

In turn, taking care of your gums helps avoid the discomfort of gingivitis and probable tooth loss. Your gums protect your teeth by covering the sensitive roots. However, if they are not properly cared for, they can potentially cause injury. Thus, this would put your teeth and health in danger of more serious issues.

Below, our Bethlehem GA dentist shares effective techniques to improve the health of your gums:

Floss Correctly

You may have heard that flossing is beneficial to your oral hygiene, but you may be wondering how to do it effectively. Flossing eliminates plaque and food particles from areas where a toothbrush cannot readily reach – beneath the gum line and between your teeth. Daily flossing is strongly advised since plaque buildup can lead to tooth damage and gum disease. 

Bacteria are drawn to these small particles as they degrade. Inflammation and even infection can arise when bacteria infect a single small area on or inside the gum line. While most individuals brush their teeth twice a day, flossing is a less popular activity.

Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day (Or Even Better, After Each Meal!) 

Ideally, it would be amazing for patients to brush their teeth after every meal. However, that is not normal for most people who work, have kids, and are on the go. So, it’s essential to make sure you are brushing your teeth for at least two minutes each morning and night. Our Loganville dental clinic suggests using a soft bristle brush at a 45-degree angle. 

Prioritize Gum Health

Several studies have connected dental health, especially gum health, to whole-body health.  Patients with gingivitis or severe periodontal disease are at a higher risk of developing heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, or diabetes. Even if you don’t notice any symptoms, poor dental hygiene and plaque buildup put you at risk for gum disease.

The primary causes of gum disease include poor dental hygiene, which allows bacteria in plaque and calculus to stay on the teeth and infect the gums.

See Our Dentist Office in Bethlehem GA Twice a Year

Routine dental cleanings performed by a professional are essential for your gum health. Our professionals will remove tartar that has firmly adhered to the tooth surfaces above and below the gum line. This process also eliminates a sticky plaque, which helps to keep a developing colony of live germs at bay.

While the self-care activities outlined above can help keep your gums healthy and protect you from gingivitis, it is also necessary to have Dr. Hoang inspect your teeth and gums at least twice a year. Great dental health begins with strong dental habits and a lifetime commitment. 

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Restorative Dentistry Options

restorative dentistry options

Restorative Dentistry Options

Restorative Dentistry includes the many methods your Bethlehem GA dentist can use to replace or repair any missing teeth.  Additionally, restorative dentistry can be used to improve the overall look of weak or chipped teeth.

Restorative Dentistry Options in Bethlehem GA

Today on the blog, Dr. Hoang, the best dentist in Bethlehem GA, discusses the restorative dentistry options at our practice. As follows, check out the article below to learn your options!

1. Tooth Fillings

Today, tooth fillings are better than ever, with composite-colored options available. As follows, metal fillings and poisonous mercury will be removed from your mouth. Next, to stop the spread of infections, we utilize strong and natural-looking tooth-colored material to fill cavities. Additionally, to blend in with your natural smile, tooth-colored fillings are color matched. Importantly, tooth fillings are frequently used in our Loganville dental office to restore damaged or cracked teeth provided the hole is not too large. However, if we feel that the tooth will be unable to support the dental filling, we may use a dental crown.

2. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-colored caps that work as protective layers for your teeth. Additionally, they can be used to restore tooth’s size and form while also enhancing its lo
dentist may advise you to use dental crown in the following circumstances:
  • Dental crowns are used to protect and support broken tooth.
  • Also, they work to keep weak tooth from further decay.
  • Lastly, they are used to disguise discolored tooth (from caffeine, smoking, etc.)
At our dentist office in Bethlehem GA we use metals, ceramics, stainless steel, porcelain, and composite resin to make dental crowns. 

3. Dental Implants

Dental implants are the gold standard of restoring teeth. With modern tooth replacement technology, we can provide precision placement. Additionally, we can complete treatment from the comfort of your home.  Dental Implants restore smiles beautifully. Since they are surgically placed to your jaw, they are permanently fixed in your mouth. These function like your natural teeth. Our friends over at Kissing Camels Family Dentistry, dentist Colorado Springs, say that dental implants are the most popular restorative dentistry option at their practice.

4. Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is used to salvage an infected or broken tooth from extraction. Importantly, sensitivity to hot/cold or sweets, pain, or swelling are symptoms of infected pulp. Additionally, pain with biting or pressure, and a poor taste in the tongue are symptoms as well. After, once the infection has been treated, the tooth is filled to avoid additional infection. Lastly, a crown is utilized to repair a tooth after root canal therapy.

Restorative Dentistry

Ready to take the first step to restore your smile? Thus, contact Gentle Dental Group today! As follows, we’d love to book a consultation for you and get you started on a beautiful, confident smile. Then, we can discuss your options and find which treatment is best for you. 

Same-Day Dentistry

Same-Day Dentistry Bethlehem GA

Same-Day Dentistry Bethlehem GA

At Gentle Dental Group, we are proud to offer same-day dentistry appointments for a variety of services. We are here for you, whether you have any esthetic concerns about your smile or any oral health issues. As your Bethlehem GA dentist, we are concerned about oral hygiene. Thus, we truly believe in the importance of preventative dental treatment in our Loganville dental office.

Teeth Whitening and Same-Day Dentistry

If you want to see a quick change in the color of your teeth, we suggest scheduling a teeth whitening treatment. In a Bethlehem dental office visit, this same-day dentistry solution will whiten the teeth by eight shades or more. To do this, we apply a whitening solution to your teeth that is enabled by laser light. The solution will enter the enamel and start the oxidation process. This is the point at which the molecules within your teeth begin to shift.

Thus, this causes them to absorb less light and become colorless. As a result, your teeth will be brighter. This is usually the quickest way for you to see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your smile. If you live in or near Bethlehem GA, contact Gentle Dental Group that you can live with a more beautiful smile.

Dental Bonding and Same-Day Dentistry

Dental bonding is a procedure that we provide to enhance the quality of the teeth. Additionally, this repairs teeth that have been injured in an accident. The enamel on your teeth will stay intact during the bonding process. Also, this will  make this solution completely reversible if you decide to choose a new method of repair in the future.

By roughening up the surface of your teeth before forming the bonding material, the procedure can be done in one day. Thus, dental bonding is becoming increasingly popular everywhere. It is molded before being hardened in place to imitate the natural hue of your teeth.

Thus, this results in a natural-looking reconstruction.  Our friends at Park Hill Family Dentistry, Best Dentist Lexington KY, say it’s one of the most popular procedures in their office. Given how easily it can be done, this treatment is suitable for children. However, many adults use this alternative as well when they are pressed for time and need urgent restoration. The only disadvantage is that the sealing medium may not be as robust as a dental crown, so it is critical to examine the procedure’s pros and cons.

Dental Crowns and Same-Day Dentistry

If you have severely injured your tooth, you would most likely need a dental crown to repair its appearance and reinforce it. It is important that you come to our dental office as soon as possible after you have damaged your tooth. Bacteria will invade the middle of your tooth if you leave the affected region exposed. This will necessitate the completion of a root canal procedure. If the infection becomes serious, such as a dental abscess, more aggressive measures to remove the pus can be needed.

First, an impression of the patient’s mouth is taken, followed by measurements. This knowledge is then sent to the dental lab, where the crown or crowns are made. Meanwhile, the tooth is primed by scraping a part of the enamel so that the crown can lie flat without irritating the neighboring teeth.

Appointments in Bethlehem GA

If you live in Bethlehem GA, we suggest that you contact our dental office for same-day dental appointments for the above services. We are thrilled to offer fast, reliable dentistry for our amazing patients. Contact Gentle Dental Group today!