Pros of Teeth Whitening

Pros of Teeth Whitening Bethlehem GA

The Pros of Teeth Whitening in Bethlehem GA

When people meet you, one of the first things they notice is your smile. Straight, white teeth are no longer the preserve of celebrities. Over the last few years, advances in cosmetic dentistry in Bethlehem GA have made teeth whitening safer and more inexpensive for practically everyone who wants a whiter smile. But why is a white grin so important? 

According to a national survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 96 percent of respondents believe that an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to the opposite gender, while 74 percent say that an unpleasant smile might harm a person’s prospects of career success. Having a clean, straight grin that you are proud of improves your social and professional changes!

Teeth Whitening Methods

At Gentle Dental Group, we provide a variety of teeth whitening solutions. We provide a take-home whitening kit that consists of a personalized tray fitted to your mouth and filled with whitening gel…all in the comfort of your own home! Additionally, we begin in-office whitening by applying the whitening material to the front surfaces of the teeth, and then we send you home with a touch-up kit. Both approaches are quick, simple, and inexpensive, and they provide excellent results.

Teeth whitening has become a common cosmetic therapy in the lives of many people. Whiter teeth may be found everywhere, from social media to periodicals to mall banners.

Maybe you’re on the fence about getting your teeth whitened. Teeth whitening is a safe, life-enhancing procedure that can improve your physical look as well as your psychological health. Dr. Hoang, the best dentist in Bethlehem GA, are four advantages of teeth whitening:

1. Teeth whitening improves your self-esteem & confidence.

Your self-esteem will surge as a result of teeth whitening. A smile with bright, dazzling teeth is hard to miss, whether you’re at work, on a date, giving a presentation, or simply walking down the street! Whiter teeth also show others that you care about your appearance and take care of yourself. Those who are close to you will notice!

2. Teeth whitening covers stains from foods & drinks.

You may have the healthiest teeth and the straightest smile, but you are not immune to the harm caused by regular food and drink. Over time, foods, coffee, tea, and soda discolor our teeth. You’ll notice the change immediately after the correct whitening technique, without having to ‘filter’ and/or edit your images. Also, our friends at Green Dental Care, cosmetic dentist in Parker CO,  says that whitening will aid in the removal of stains caused by common foods and beverages.

3. Teeth Whitening is Safe

Whitening your teeth with your cosmetic dentist is safe, and delivers fast results. This procedure won’t hurt your enamel or health of your teeth. 

4. Teeth whitening can distract from other facial features.

If you’re self-conscious about wrinkles, teeth whitening could be a good alternative for you! People are more likely to notice your brilliant white smile than your wrinkles. This will deflect attention away from the look of nearby wrinkles, acne scars, and frown lines.

5. Teeth whitening is affordable.

Teeth whitening is less expensive than plastic surgery! After in-office treatment, a touch-up kit will be enough to extend the effect of your teeth whitening. The combination of teeth whitening with an at-home booster is a low-cost option that yields great benefits.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Bethlehem GA

Our Bethlehem GA Dentistry would love to assist you in achieving the whiter smile you’ve always desired! If you’d like to learn more about our teeth whitening solutions, please request an appointment below and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Celebrate Tooth Fairy Day

Celebrate Tooth Fairy Day

Celebrate National Tooth Fairy 

Losing baby teeth is a huge step for our children. The minor discomfort associated with retrieving a loose tooth can be frightening for young children. However, the tooth fairy makes that exciting way more exciting for them. They get to exchange their baby tooth that they no longer need with a present from the ever-elusive tooth fairy.

National Tooth Fairy Day is here, so Dr. Hoang, the best dentist in Bethlehem GA, wanted to take the time to celebrate!

Celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day With Gentle Dental Group

At Gentle Dental Group, we understand how challenging it can be to implement strong oral hygiene habits with kids. Our dentist near Bethlehem GA recommends using the Tooth Fairy to do so. For example, talk to your children about how the tooth fairy wants to collect healthy teeth. Our Bethlehem GA dentistry recommends getting them excited about dental hygiene, and implement good practices with them. As follows, brush your teeth with the kids, get a fun toothbrush, and make these fun ideas become habits. 

The Origins of the Tooth Fairy

So, how did the tooth fairy start? Our dentist 30620 explains that whispers about the tooth fairy originated in the United States. However, they can be traced back to medieval Europe.

Children in England had to burn their newborn teeth to avoid suffering in the afterlife. They also removed their baby teeth because witches were considered to be able to influence you if they got a hold of them. Fortunately, none of this would come to pass.

Additionally, the tooth fairy as we know it did not exist until the 1920s. Esther Watkins Arnold released her playlet “The Tooth Fairy” in 1927, which popularized the tooth fairy among children across the country. This was not only a book about the tooth fairy, but it was also a book to encourage and remind youngsters to take care of their teeth and eat well. Since then, parents have told their children the tooth fairy fable to help them overcome their fear of losing their teeth because they are promised a small reward from our flying friend.

What You Should Do to Prepare for the Tooth Fairy

Everyone wants strong, healthy teeth. Thus, by brushing and flossing twice a day and limiting sugary foods and drinks, your child’s smile will shine brightly. Additionally, as we all know from losing our baby teeth, the tooth fairy rewards beautiful pearly whites handsomely.

If your child has lost his or her first baby tooth, tell them about the tooth fairy and assist them in hiding it under their pillow before going to bed. Who knows what surprises await them in the morning! 

Commemorate National Tooth Fairy Day

National Tooth Fairy Day is on August 22, and if your youngster loses a tooth in time, this celebration could be much more special.  We hope you can use the above tips and tricks to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day with your youngsters! Contact Gentle Dental Group today for family dentistry. Follow us on Facebook here

Signs of a Dead Tooth

signs of a dead tooth

What are the signs of a dead tooth? 

Teeth are composed of both hard and soft tissues. Your teeth may not appear to be living things, but they are. Because of decay or injury, the nerves in the pulp of your teeth might get destroyed and cease supplying blood to the tooth. The lack of blood produces an infection, which kills the nerves. Today on the blog, Dr. Hoang, a dentist near Bethlehem GA, discusses the signs of a dead tooth and what to do if you have one.

What is a dead tooth? 

A dead tooth is one that has no blood supply. For some people, discoloration might be a symptom of a dying tooth. It is also possible to have minor tooth or gum discomfort as a result of this. Below, our Loganville dental office details the symptoms.

Symptoms of a Dead Tooth

If your teeth are in good condition, the color of your teeth should be whiteish color. The hue, however, might vary based on what you eat and drink, as well as how well you care for your teeth. For example, our dentist 30620  if you drink coffee, tea, wine, or other staining beverages on a daily basis, the color of your teeth will be off-white or light yellow.

If you have a dying tooth, its color will be different from the rest of your teeth. The dying tooth may be bruised in yellow, light brown, gray, or even black. Furthermore, the discoloration may intensify with time.

Pain is another potential symptom. Some people might not feel any discomfort, while others may suffer mild to severe pain. Our friend Dr. Ben Kacos, emergency dentist Shreveport LA, explains that the withering nerve produced by infection is sometimes the primary source of pain. We see that here with our patients, and it’s important to note that other symptoms of infection include poor breath, a terrible taste in the mouth, and swelling around the gum line.


It is critical to treat the dead tooth as soon as possible following diagnosis. Because if you leave it untreated, the germs from the dead tooth might spread and cause more tooth loss. As a therapy, your dentist may advise you to have a root canal or pull the tooth entirely. 

As a 24 hour emergency dentist Bethlehem, we advise that you contact us right away if you have symptoms of a dead tooth. 

Contact Gentle Dental Group Today

If you are suffering indications of infection or have had a tooth damaged or knocked out, please contact us immediately. Teeth that have been chipped, damaged, knocked out, or dead, just cannot wait. We are here to help you. Please act quickly! Contact Gentle Dental Group today.