Restoring Old Dental Work

Restoring Old Dental Work Bethlehem GA

Restoring Old Dental Work in 2021

Have you gotten a cavity filled or a dental crown many years ago? As many of us know, biting and chewing puts pressure on our teeth, which can cause them to deteriorate over time. Additionally, previous restorative dental work can be harmed as a result of wear and tear. As follows, it is possible that you’ll need to replace an older dental filling or crown in the near future. Today on the blog, our Bethlehem family dentistry explains how we go about restoring old dental work.

The Signs You May Need to Restore

If you are feeling discomfort or are having difficulty biting and chewing with a restored tooth, a replacement may be required. After all, the aim of your restoration is to make sure that an infected tooth is sufficiently supported and safe to perform basic dental functions. Thanks to advancements in medicine, you can now get a replacement filling or crown that looks completely like your natural teeth. These tooth-colored options are available all over the US. Our friends over at New Providence Dentistry, Dentist New Providence NJ, offers tooth-colored restoration options to their patients as well. 

Normal wear and tear may have an effect on crowns and fillings.

Over time, normal dental functions will wear down a restoration. Of course, if you chew on rough surfaces excessively or ignore teeth grinding habits, wear and tear may be more apparent.

If you’re worried about the condition of a crown or filling, please let our dentist in Bethlehem, GA know so we can replace it. Keep in mind that if your tooth loses its ability to heal itself, it may become extremely brittle. Your  Bethlehem GA dentist will use advanced, new materials to create dental fillings and crowns that fit in perfectly with your smile. In fact, replacing an old restoration with a new one will make you look better overall.

Make the Most of Single-Visit Dental Crowns

Advances in treatment can also mean providing care in less time. Because of the devices used by your dentist, your crown can be completed in just one visit. That means you won’t have to wait for a dental lab to create your new crown because you’ll have all of the assistance you need for your tooth after only one visit.

Gentle Dental Group Will Repair Old Dental Work

At Gentle Dental Group, it is our priority to provide excellent restorative dental care to restore an old restoration or to address a new oral health problem. To schedule an appointment, please contact our team today. We would love to help your teeth feel better and restore your old dental work!