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Same-Day Dentistry Bethlehem GA

At Gentle Dental Group, we are proud to offer same-day dentistry appointments for a variety of services. We are here for you, whether you have any esthetic concerns about your smile or any oral health issues. As your Bethlehem GA dentist, we are concerned about oral hygiene. Thus, we truly believe in the importance of preventative dental treatment in our Loganville dental office.

Teeth Whitening and Same-Day Dentistry

If you want to see a quick change in the color of your teeth, we suggest scheduling a teeth whitening treatment. In a Bethlehem dental office visit, this same-day dentistry solution will whiten the teeth by eight shades or more. To do this, we apply a whitening solution to your teeth that is enabled by laser light. The solution will enter the enamel and start the oxidation process. This is the point at which the molecules within your teeth begin to shift.

Thus, this causes them to absorb less light and become colorless. As a result, your teeth will be brighter. This is usually the quickest way for you to see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your smile. If you live in or near Bethlehem GA, contact Gentle Dental Group that you can live with a more beautiful smile.

Dental Bonding and Same-Day Dentistry

Dental bonding is a procedure that we provide to enhance the quality of the teeth. Additionally, this repairs teeth that have been injured in an accident. The enamel on your teeth will stay intact during the bonding process. Also, this will  make this solution completely reversible if you decide to choose a new method of repair in the future.

By roughening up the surface of your teeth before forming the bonding material, the procedure can be done in one day. Thus, dental bonding is becoming increasingly popular everywhere. It is molded before being hardened in place to imitate the natural hue of your teeth.

Thus, this results in a natural-looking reconstruction.  Our friends at Park Hill Family Dentistry, Best Dentist Lexington KY, say it’s one of the most popular procedures in their office. Given how easily it can be done, this treatment is suitable for children. However, many adults use this alternative as well when they are pressed for time and need urgent restoration. The only disadvantage is that the sealing medium may not be as robust as a dental crown, so it is critical to examine the procedure’s pros and cons.

Dental Crowns and Same-Day Dentistry

If you have severely injured your tooth, you would most likely need a dental crown to repair its appearance and reinforce it. It is important that you come to our dental office as soon as possible after you have damaged your tooth. Bacteria will invade the middle of your tooth if you leave the affected region exposed. This will necessitate the completion of a root canal procedure. If the infection becomes serious, such as a dental abscess, more aggressive measures to remove the pus can be needed.

First, an impression of the patient’s mouth is taken, followed by measurements. This knowledge is then sent to the dental lab, where the crown or crowns are made. Meanwhile, the tooth is primed by scraping a part of the enamel so that the crown can lie flat without irritating the neighboring teeth.

Appointments in Bethlehem GA

If you live in Bethlehem GA, we suggest that you contact our dental office for same-day dental appointments for the above services. We are thrilled to offer fast, reliable dentistry for our amazing patients. Contact Gentle Dental Group today!