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Can You Save a Tooth That Is Turning Black?

Oh no! If you have a tooth that is starting to turn color, you may need to come in and see our dentist office in Bethlehem, GA.  As follows, we’ve had many patients ask us about teeth turning color, and more specifically, turning black. Today on the blog, we answer the question: can you save a tooth that is turning black?

Why Do Teeth Go Black?

First, Dr. Uyen Hoang, the best dentist in Bethlehem GA, explains why teeth go black. To start, black teeth are a sign of an underlying dental problem that should not be overlooked. Teeth are usually white, whitish-yellow, or whitish-gray in color. However, because of the amount of calcium in the enamel, teeth take on a white tone. 

Calcium is a white substance by nature. Thus, calcium is responsible for the majority of the coloration of teeth. Combinations of other materials, on the other hand, may add shades of gray and yellow to the teeth. Over time, the enamel thins, allowing the dentin, the underlying layer, to peek through. The teeth can appear darker as a result of this. As follows, enamel on teeth can be stained from the outside, too.

What causes the discoloration of teeth?

Teeth discoloration is normally caused by one of two forms of causes: extrinsic or intrinsic.

Extrinsic damage is caused by something on the outside of the teeth. Staining, tartar, and other damage to the outer dental enamel are examples. On the contrary, intrinsic damage begins on the inside and works its way outward. When a disease inside the tooth causes decay and damage, this is what happens.

A tooth does not usually turn black overnight. Rather, it will unfold over time. Thus, if you think you need to be seen right away, our 24-hour emergency dentist Bethlehem can get you in.

The following are some of the most common extrinsic and intrinsic causes of black teeth:

  • Cavities are caused by bacteria that eat away at the enamel of the teeth, leaving tiny gaps. These holes may appear to be dark in color.
  • Restorative dentistry is the process of restoring one’s Amalgam fillings and crowns, especially silver sulfide fillings and crowns, can turn teeth black.
  • There is staining. Teeth may be stained from eating and consuming dark-colored foods like tea and cola.
  • Taking some prescription drugs. Liquid iron supplements, for example, can cause teeth staining.
  • Tartar is a hard plaque deposit that forms on the teeth and typically appears below the gum line. 
  • Tobacco is a highly addictive drug. Additionally, tobacco use, whether it’s smoking or chewing, will leave a noticeable stain on the teeth.

The majority of the underlying causes of black teeth must be removed or treated by a dentist.

How do you know if you have black teeth?

Spots on the teeth that are brown or gray in color may develop into black teeth. After that, the spots could turn black. Other times, our gentle family dentistry Bethlehem explains that a person’s teeth will have black, pinpoint-like areas just below the gum line. Children with black teeth are more likely to have this appearance.

The inside of the front lower teeth and the outside of the molars are common places for black tartar to form on the teeth. In areas where the tooth enamel has been damaged, black teeth can develop holes

What are the choices for living with stained teeth?

Even with the finest at-home treatment, most people are unable to eliminate black teeth. As follows, black teeth necessitate the services of a dentist. A dentist can examine your teeth and prescribe remedies after identifying the root causes of your black teeth. 

If black tartar is the root of the problem, a dentist can use special tools to remove it. Hand scalers, for example, are made to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. A dentist may need to use vibrating instruments to break up the tartar in some cases. Ultrasonic devices are what they’re called.

If you can’t get rid of the rot…

Unfortunately, even a dentist’s tools aren’t enough to eradicate black teeth. When tooth decay is the root of the problem, this is real. We asked our friends over at Kissing Camels, Colorado Springs dentist, what they recommend when this happens. They agreed with our methods – they agree that they may be able to remove the decay and substitute it with a filling. You may need a crown if dental decay has progressed to the dentin, the inner substance underneath the tooth enamel. A crown is a custom-made, tooth-shaped cap that a dentist may put over a decayed tooth after it has been cleaned of rotting material. A root canal is a name for this operation.

A tooth may be too badly damaged or decayed to be saved in some cases. Your Bethlehem GA dentist may suggest that the tooth be extracted in these cases.

Professional stain removal and teeth whitening may help black teeth that have been heavily stained.

What are the chances that you’ll get black teeth in the future?

If your dentist is able to save a tooth, it is important that you maintain healthy oral hygiene habits to avoid the formation of stains, tartar, or decay. 

Preventative Dentistry in Bethlehem GA

Of course, the best way to keep your oral health optimal is to continually see your dentist twice a year and practice strong oral hygiene at home. Contact our team today to schedule your biannual cleanings!