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Myths About Sleep Dentistry

Modern dentistry provides a wide range of treatments and aesthetic services to improve your dental health and the overall appearance of your smile. Many people, however, prefer not to use these services because they have dental anxiety. However, our dentist office in Bethlehem Ga explains that sleep dentistry is the simplest, safest, and most effective answer to this problem.

Debunking Sleep Dentistry Myths 

Despite its success, some patients have false beliefs regarding the use of sedatives in dentistry. Below, our Loganville dentist office discusses some of the most common falsehoods, as well as the truths that disprove them.

Myth #1: Sedation Dentistry Always Puts You To Sleep

When most people think about sedation, they think of the full unconsciousness that comes with general anesthesia and major surgery. Sedation dentistry is not the same as sedation medicine. Instead, Dr. Hoang explains that patients can select from several levels of sedation based on their level of comfort.

Most patients at our Bethlehem GA dentistry choose mild sedation, in which they are sedated but remain fully cognizant and in control of all faculties. You may not be able to recollect certain aspects of your operation after the fact, but you will be fully conscious throughout the surgery.

Myth #2: Only (IV) Sedation Works.

Sedatives administered directly into the bloodstream are more potent than other choices. Additionally, their effects may be stronger and faster as a result, but this comes with increased hazards. However, most dentists offer multiple types of sedation, besides IV. Our friend Dr. Green, Parker CO dentist, explains that other kinds of sedation dentistry are equally effective, especially for varying amounts of sedation.

Additionally, it’s important to note that oral Sedation is available in tablet form or as a liquid that can be dissolved under the tongue and take effect in minutes. There are numerous medicine brands available, all of which have been extensively evaluated to assure their safety

Also, Inhalation Nitrous oxide is used in Conscious Sedation and is delivered through a nasal hood put over your nose. The combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide causes a light-headed or even pleasant feeling that wears off after your operation. 

Myth #3: Everyone Receives the Same Dosage.

Some people mistakenly believe that sedation is a one-size-fits-all procedure, which is completely false. Sedation dentistry and other types of dental anesthetic are exact sciences that take into account patient health, needs, age, weight, medical history, and FDA rules. Sedation dentists are licensed professionals who have years of experience with various types and levels of sedation. Your dosage will be tailored to your unique needs in order to achieve a safe and comfortable operation.

Sedation Dentistry is Very Expensive.

Sedation must be pricey with all of the potential benefits and possibilities, right? Fortunately, most patients pay very little out of pocket for sedation dentistry. Not only is the surgery reasonably priced in and of itself, but it is frequently covered by many insurance policies. This means you can enhance your comfort while minimizing your costs.

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If you need dental work and have dental anxiety, sleep dentistry may be a wonderful option for you. Contact our dentistry today to discuss your options.