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You Could be Maximizing Your Dental Benefits

Are you maximizing your dental benefits each year? As the end of the year approaches, you may find that you have benefits remaining on your dental insurance plan. At our dentist office in Bethlehem, GA, our team can help you to maximize your available benefits before they run out. This can help you get the most out of your dental benefits but also help you get the best dental treatments.

Why You Should Maximize your Benefits

The majority of dental insurance plans have an annual cap that limits the benefits each year. Once you have reached that cap, you will be more responsible for increasing out-of-pocket costs. If you haven’t taken advantage of all your available dental benefits offered for the year, time is running out.

Benefits that are unused will not carry over to the new year. So you’ll lose them as the first of January arrives. Schedule your professional dental cleaning at our Bethlehem dental office, prior to the expiration of your benefits. This allows you to fully leverage your available coverage so that you can keep your out-of-pocket costs as minimal as is possible.

Steps You Can Take In Maximizing Dental Benefits

Even if your teeth and gums are healthy, you can still maximize your remaining benefits by scheduling a professional cleaning and routine examination. While you are being examined by our dentist near Bethlehem, GA, ask if you are in need of any covered treatments.

If you have been delaying one or more restorative dentistry treatments, including fillings or a crown, now would be the best time for you to make an appointment. Do the same for each member of your family, including your little ones. There are a number of procedures and treatments that children may benefit from.

It’s important to explore each possible way that you can save on your necessary dental treatments. Getting a checkup before the end of the year will allow your dentist to identify any concerns now, and repair them before your benefits reset on January 1.

Strategic Appointments for Restorations

There may be some situations where you can maximize your available benefits by splitting up your appointments for the restorative treatments that you need, says the best dentist Georgetown KY, Dr. Kristina Neda. This can help you to also manage your out-of-pocket costs. Some treatments do require multiple appointments. You can split the appointments across two calendar years, and better manage the costs of the treatment. Simply schedule one of the treatments in November or December, with the follow-up treatment in January or February.

Before you do this, speak to the dental professionals at our Loganville dentist office to ensure that taking this route won’t increase your risk for complications.

Additional Considerations

To ensure that you are able to fully maximize your available dental coverage, you need to understand the coverage offered by your dental plan. Be sure to check with your provider so that you can determine how near you are to your annual cap. If you do have some available coverage, you should make the most of it.

Coverage can vary, based upon whether treatments are preventative, restorative, or perhaps elective. Speak with your Bethlehem family dental professionals to understand the nature of the treatments that can benefit you.

Are you ready to learn more about your available coverage for the rest of the year? Call our Loganville, GA dentist office to make an appointment for a cleaning and checkup. While here, we can help you to explore your options so you can maximize your benefits.